About us


I remember the day my Mom was diagnosed with Leukemia and it was linked to benzene exposure (not in her skincare though, thankfully). Her skin looked as great as always even through chemotherapy, because of her natural skincare practices that inspired Pink Monkey.

Back in the US, I immediately threw out all fragrances (premium brands too, all contained benzene compounds) from our house. From then on, even at top retailers and premium brands, I noticed in the ingredients, names like avobenzone, benzyl alcohol, benzoic acid, etc on majority of the skincare. If not benzene, there were the parabens, silicones and plastic packaging. I could not find truly "clean" skincare that did not need to be refrigerated and that showed great results for my skin.

I started my quest for bringing truly clean and green skincare for my family. After all, skin is our largest excretory organ and with the surface area involved, A lot gets absorbed too. Only the best, safest products that are beneficial to the skin long term must go on my family's skin, and yours. At the same time, luxury must not be compromised, only the choicest ingredients were used.

The goal was to keep it simple with a few skincare basics that work for everyone in the family. We ended up totally de-cluttering our bathroom shelves. This was an amazing feat- given that we have four kids in the house ranging in age from 8yrs to 18 yrs, all have different skin types. Hardest but most gratifying part...we made it all in the USA : it was a must for quality control.

My conscience does not allow me to put all this goodness in plastic that will end up in our oceans. I have started with glass bottles/jars and will keep striving to use non-plastic toppers and other earth-friendly packaging.

Of course, no animal testing. We use organic ingredients wherever possible and some of our products are even vegan.

Hence, was born Pink Monkey. Hope you enjoy our products as much as we do!! 💛


Dr. Mahima Singh, Founder & CEO, Pink Monkey.


Our Mission

Our mission is to provide our customers with elevated skincare that is truly clean, effective (equals glowing baby soft skin for all ages, anti-aging and gentle) and not harmful to our environment, so they can stop worrying about their skin and their choices for saving earth from plastic pollution. 

Why do we think this is important?

Because we worry about this stuff. The oceans filling up with plastic is something we care about. We are striving to do our bit, thanks for doing yours 🌎

“Drive like you mean to move forward, Live like you mean to get somewhere”—Pink Monkey.